The MediaCloud Network (MCN)

South Africa’s fastest and most advanced private network for the media & entertainment industry.

The MediaCloud Network (MCN) is South Africa’s fastest and most advanced private media delivery and collaboration network for the media & entertainment industry.

It allows production and post-production companies, broadcasters, studio facilities as well as news and media agencies to connect, share and transfer media between each other at maximum speed, regardless of the file size, transfer distance or network conditions – users essentially bypass the Internet and connect directly to one another for fast, secure, hassle free file sharing.

Who is it for?

  • Film & television production companies
  • Visual effects and post-production facilities
  • Digital media agencies
  • Radio & television broadcasters
  • Digital content creators & distributors
  • Film & television studios
  • Digital cinemas
  • Digital signage companies
  • Stock footage libraries
  • Advertising agencies
  • News agencies

Key features and benefits:

  • Connection speeds from 10Mbps – 10Gbps
  • Ensures fast, secure, reliable delivery of critical media assets
  • Same upload and download speeds
  • Uncapped, unshaped, uncontended 1:1 dedicated bandwidth
  • Guaranteed uptime SLA’s
  • Transfers files up to 200x Faster than FTP
  • Optimised for broadcast play outs and live contributions
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Remote router management and support
  • Line monitoring and management

Why use the MediaCloud Network?

  1. It removes the challenge and unreliability of sharing and delivering large media files with other content providers over the internet
  2. It’s a robust private network, purposely built and optimised for media & entertainment workflows as well as live broadcast environments

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