Connect sites and branch offices together securely using ADSL, Wireless, Microwave or Fibre connectivity.

MediaCloud’s MPLS VPN solutions provide businesses with a way to securely connect branches offices, mobile workers and business units together across public networks using various solutions from ADSL to Wireless and Microwave to Fibre.

Providing businesses with the features and benefits of a local network, without the cost of having to install, manage or maintain and upgrade the network themselves.

MPLS VPN solutions from MediaCloud enables users with access centralised services from intranets, extranets, voice services (VoIP) to email servers, CRM and ERP systems regardless of location. Allowing branch offices and remote users to access to Internet via a central breakout.

Why use MPLS VPN?

  • Provide privacy using direct site-to-site communication without costly leased lines
  • Mission-critical traffic is segregated from public Internet traffic
  • Performance sensitive and business-critical traffic is prioritised
  • Real-time – VoIP, streaming and live broadcasting can be accommodated
  • Critical – mission-critical data, such as financial transactions
  • Business – applications, such as SAP, Oracle, Pastel run securely between branches
  • General data – low-priority traffic, such as Internet browsing
  • Ensures maximum network availability and performance
  • Uses label switched paths instead of traditional IP routing
  • Can be customised to best fit each site’s specific bandwidth needs and requirements

Network configuration options:

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