Fibre Internet Access

High-speed uncapped, uncontended business internet access with speeds up to 1Gbps.

MediaCloud’s Internet Access Service’s run on Next Generation Fibre Optic infrastructure. Enable your business with a stable, high-speed uncapped internet line. The faster your connection, the more efficient your business becomes.

No need to play catch-up while with MediaCloud your whole company can benefit from the immediate increase in productivity, efficiency and the increased reliability.

MediaCloud Networks offers you two types of Internet Access:

Business Broadband Internet Access

A turnkey solution for your business with reliable, high-speed access complete with bundled hosted PBX and free web & email service, all for one flat monthly fee.

Premium Dedicated Internet Access

Guaranteed 100% 1:1 UNCAPPED, UNSHAPED and dedicated Internet bandwidth. Providing the speed and reliability needed for your business to be up and running on one of South Africa most reliable networks.

Network configuration options:

Single Fibre With Protection
Dual Fibres With Diverse Paths
Dual Fibres With Diverse Paths To Separate POP’s

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