Fibre Infrastructure for Property Developers and Landlords

Fibre network infrastructure servicing property developers and owners of multi-dwelling offices, residential and apartment buildings.

MediaCloud Network specialises in partnering with landlords and property developers to bring high-speed fibre internet access and voice services direct to multi-dwelling office buildings, residential estates, and apartment buildings.

Our bespoke solutions include design and oversight, planning and construction of network infrastructure. We have completed a number of projects and have become standard addition with largest commercial and residential property developers in South Africa. MediaCloud offer revenue share business models and provide the ability to accommodate other service providers should your customers choose to have existing contracts with vendors.

Fibre for new Commercial and Residential properties

If you’re planning a new development, having the right communications infrastructure in place will play a major part in the success of your development. By working with MediaCloud to provide your tenants with high quality, connectivity, internet and voice services that are fast becoming the expected norm you will add more value to the property offering of your business.

Tenants are now choosing where to live and work based on the availability of high speed, quality internet services.

Fibre for existing Commercial and Residential properties

MediaCloud Networks specialise in retrofitting existing buildings. In these instances, the process differs in that we look for a level of interest from residents and tenants to demonstrate demand for services. These services are delivered to tenants on a high quality infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable technical solution and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Key features and benefits:

  • Day one connectivity for new developments
  • Turnkey unified communications and infrastructure solution for property owners and developers
  • Super fast internet over fibre
  • Optional DStv signal distribution
  • Fixed line telephone services
  • Reduced outbound call charges
  • No Telkom lines needed
  • HD video streaming without buffering
  • Wi-Fi access

5 steps to getting fibre in your building:

  1. Sign our landowner consent form and agreement
  2. We arrange a planning and design meeting
  3. We install a high speed link into the building
  4. We install a core fibre infrastructure on basement and floor levels or in a pre-allocated room
  5. Help in creating awareness amongst tenants and help arrange access into offices, homes and apartments for services to be installed

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