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We re-sell, install and manage a diverse range of hardware and software products and solutions from leading technology brands.

MediaCloud Networks, resellers of ArchiWare, ObjectMatrix, Rohde & Schwarz DVS, FlavourSys and Teradek.

Hardware and software vendor for Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, SuperMicro and others top hardware and software brands.

Media Asset Management Workflows & Automation

​VSN offers more than 50 proprietary software modules developed and manufactured on an open architecture. Based on industry standards and designed to allow maximum customization of workflows, the VSN platform features remote and distributed work environments, cloud computing, multi-platform content distribution and seamless integration among all areas with selected third-party technologies.

VSN solutions ensure system scalability and a return on investment all while achieving robust, comprehensive and integrated workflows.

Object Based Storage

MatrixStore from Object Matrix is an object based, plug and play, storage appliance that allows users to keep their digital information online and protected with minimal administrative effort. Taking advantage of commodity storage hardware, it provides a secure, scalable online repository for your digital assets.

MatrixStore software is not tied to proprietary hardware; it utilizes high quality, off-the-shelf disk-based storage hardware. MatrixStore server nodes are run on open hardware running Linux and therefore can support hardware platforms that are supported by the Linux operating system.

Post-Production Project Management & Sharing

FLAVOURsys’s Strawberry is an award-winning software tool that combines state of the art project sharing and project management for a wide range of editing applications and projects.

The philosophy behind Strawberry is that editors should spend less time searching for content while having more time focusing on the story at hand and being creative. Strawberry is literally a workflow tool that helps you to create, share and organize content with an entirely new approach.

Broadcast & Media Solutions

For over 30 years Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH has been successfully developing hardware and software products for the digital film, video post-production and broadcast markets.

Their award winning hardware and software is used around the world on daily basis to produce some of the world’s most popular TV series and Hollywood blockbusters thanks to their reliability, flexibility and high-performance workflows.

Data Management

Archiware P5 is a multi-platform synchronization, backup, and archiving solutions that helps businesses securely and cost-effectively manage their data throughout its lifecycle.

The P5 solution consists of four products:

  • P5 Backup is the fully automatic, high-performance backup and restore solution that enables you to optimally save mission-critical data to tape or disk. It even allows for interruptions during backup processes.
  • P5 Archive provides fully automatic archiving of large data sets, offering maximum security and availability. Comprehensive, individually extendable description fields and QuickTime previews allow for effective search.
  • P5 Synchronize identifies modified data and copies it to additional systems. The synchronized data is immediately and directly accessible. In case of data loss, there’s no need for a time-consuming data restoration process.
  • P5 Backup2Go offers reliable, secure, and efficient backup for laptops and workstations regardless of their location—you can be in the office, on the road, or at home.

Our Products

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