Frequently Asked Questions

Does MediaCloud only cater to film, television and media related businesses?

No, although we specialise in the film, television and media industry, we have a diverse range of customers in a wide variety of industries.

What do I need to get connected to the MediaCloud Network?

You will need a MediaCloud Fibre connection.

Once I’m connected to the MediaCloud Network can I use my fibre connection for internet access as well as voice calls?

Yes, your MediaCloud Network fibre connection can be used to provide your business with internet access as well as voice services. You fibre connection can also be used for private wide-area links to branch offices. For more information about our add-on services please contact a MediaCloud sales representative.

Will my landlord need to sign any documentation?

Yes, your landlord will be required to sign a landlord consent form before your order can be processed. However, if there is MediaCloud Fibre already in your building or office park this won’t be necessary.

What is the turnaround time for an installation?

Once the installation has been approved. The turnaround time for an installation is roughly 90 days. As council approval and various paperwork needs to be finalised before trenching may begin. However, if there is MediaCloud Fibre already in your building or office park we can get you up and running in 7 working days. In certain instances we can provide you with a temporary wireless or microwave connection while you wait for your fibre connection.

Can I get MediaCloud Fibre on a shorter term?

MediaCloud Fibre is currently only available on a 24-month contract.

Do I need to purchase the routing equipment?

MediaCloud will provide the equipment to run the service on. In the event of service cancellation, the equipment will be returned to us as it remains the property of MediaCloud.

What is the service level?

The default service level is 99% uptime. Should you require a guaranteed 100% uptime, please speak to one of our technical consultants about our various fibre diversity and failover options.

What about diversity and failover links?

MediaCloud’s fibre network is highly diverse: traffic can re-route around fibre breaks and equipment failures including power outages. Clients can choose to extend a level of redundancy to their premises by diversifying fibre routes and providing hardware redundancy.

Diversity and business continuity is always an interactive consultative process where MediaCloud can provide guidance on how to apply an appropriate level of diversity to meet a client’s business objectives.

Diverse paths to the same POP

In this case, the fibre from the client premises takes two separate paths back to the termination equipment at the MediaCloud Point of Presence (POP). This protects against fibre breaks due to highway construction, natural occurrences or operational error where, after consultation, a client believes that this risk needs to be mitigated. Automatic failover is optical, using one set of termination equipment at a client’s facility, so there is no hardware redundancy in this option.

Diverse paths to different POP’s

In this case, the fibre from the client premises takes two separate paths back to different MediaCloud POPs.

As well as protecting against fibre breaks, this option has the added benefit of mitigating planned and unplanned outages associated with a single MediaCloud POP. Automatic failover is handled at the network level therefore there is a further option of hardware redundancy. In both these options, the possibility of damage to fibre within and as it leaves a client premises can be mitigated by the provision of an additional building entry.

How fast are your connections?

It depends on the service you purchase and the access technology (wireless, microwave, copper or fibre), we offer speeds ranging from 10Mbps (Megabits per second) to 10Gbps (Gigabits per second).

Is there a Fair Usage Policy?

There is no fair use policy for MediaCloud Network traffic between sites or dedicated 1:1 internet traffic. However, fair use and or acceptable use policies may apply to add-on business broadband internet access services.

If I go with your voice services do I need to keep my existing telephone lines?

No! Telephone lines are not needed.

Will I need a special phones or equipment to take advantage of your voice services?

If you have an existing IP enabled PBX that supports SIP then no. We will just need to configure your PBX to use our voice network. If you don’t have an IP enabled PBX and you choose to go with our Hosted PBX solution, you will require VoIP phones which can be purchased from our sales team. Alternately you can use any SIP enabled IP phone.

Can I keep my telephone numbers?

Yes, if you have a geographic dialling code i.e. 021, 031 or 011. These telephone numbers can be ported to MediaCloud. We cannot port 086 and 087 numbers. Once off number porting fees will apply.

Can I choose my own 021 / 011 / 031 number?

Yes, you can select any available number in our number range.

Can I join the MediaCloud Media Delivery Network if I have a fibre connection with another service provider?

No. The MediaCloud Media Delivery Network is a closed, private members only community-of-interest network for the television, film and media production community.