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How does one reliably upload 100’s of GB’s of editorial dailies every day for 110 shoot days from a remote location with no fibre infrastructure to a video editor’s desktop in Los Angeles without the footage being allowed to leave the studios? The answer is MediaCloud.

Starz the studios behind the smash hit television series Black Sails and the team at The WORx Digital Media had this request while filming the first four seasons of Black Sails at Cape Town Film Studios.

To solve this problem, we installed two dedicated diverse route fibre connections from our DC (datacentre) located in Cape Town all the way out to Cape Town Film Studios which is in a rural area located 25km outside of Cape Town.

Using our high-speed fibre connections and our dedicated internet services, mixed with a medley of accelerated file transfer solutions, we opened a data superhighway for The WORx to deliver 100’s of Gb’s of editorial dailies straight to the editor’s desktop in Los Angeles. Using the MediaCloud Network, The WORx Digital Media delivered 360 shoot days’ worth of footage, on time and on budget every day.

To date, MediaCloud Networks have allowed The WORx Digital Media to successfully deliver footage across the globe for the following film and television productions.

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