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Homebrew Films is regarded as one of South Africa’s leading independent television production companies. Based in Gardens, Cape Town, Homebrew produces a variety of natural history, documentary, cooking, reality and lifestyle content for local and international broadcasters and customers.

In 2013 Homebrew Films presented MediaCloud with a unique problem, to grow their existing facility’s storage and network infrastructure without disruption to an already high-pressure production and deadline driven pipeline. One of the additional criteria was that the editing workstations be able to use both the existing aging Apple X-SAN, fiber channel storage as well as the new storage seamlessly without any need for downtime to switch between the two. On top of that, a completely new 1Gbe network was required in order to accommodate a massive increase of video and post production traffic.

MediaCloud set about installing a 72TB Rhode & Schwarz Spycebox along with a Dell Force 10 enterprise grade network switch. Along with that, a brand new 10/1Gbe network was deployed alongside the existing fibre-channel and 1GbE infrastructure.

After two days work all edit workstations were able to mount both X-SAN as well as the Spycerbox without a hitch from the get-go.

MediaCloud reconfigured the facilities network and there was no downtime during the implementation process.

Since then MediaCloud has installed over 400TB additional NAS and SAN infrastructure including a 192TB SpycerBox TL used for a 80 episode 4K Natural History project for an international client. A 48 slot tape library for on-site archive and backup is also in service. MediaCloud also provides a 100Mbps internet connection along with an additional 100Mbps line to facilitate delivery of content to Multichoice over the Catapult delivery platform as well as Voip services.

Homebrew also make use of MediaCloud’s enterprise Signiant service to deliver content to customers locally and around the world.

Jaco Loubser, Homebrew CEO commented that the process implemented by MediaCloud was well designed and thoughtfully implemented. “We were able to continue as normal without disruption to existing projects”. Regarding MediaCloud’s support he says “MediaCloud offer a ‘One stop shop’ to Homebrew. They offer an excellent solution proving to be perfect technical partner to Homebrew Films.

Services & Products we provided:

  • Fibre internet Access
  • DVS Sycerboxes
  • FlavourSys Strawberry
  • Catapult Digital Delivery
  • QuickSend

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